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I am a highly successful DEFENCE BARRISTER. I ONLY DEFEND. In the DEFENCE cases I undertake my objective is to maximise opportunities for successful outcomes. I have a history of achieving successful outcomes as evidenced by my recent cases and testimonials. I am also a Member of No5 Chambers, one of the largest sets of Chambers in the UK with offices in London, Birmingham, Bristol and Leicester. I also serve clients in Yorkshire, Manchester and across the UK.

With more than 30 years of experience of DEFENDING in criminal and regulatory cases, I have extensive experience in both domestic and international work. 

I often DEFEND professionals for whom conviction NOT ONLY carries with it the prospect of imprisonment but it would also destroy a lifetime of GOOD CHARACTER as well as obliterate A HARD EARNED REPUTATION at WORK and UNDERMINE relationships with FRIENDS and FAMILY.

I therefore completely understand that the impact of conviction extends far beyond the accused person to family members; colleagues and friends and associates.

An impending criminal trial causes huge stress and MAY lead to irremediable reputational damage.

My past clients include, serving police officers; journalists; professors; diplomats; teachers; doctors; foster carers; nurses (and other medical practitioners); bankers and accountants.

Over many years of DEFENCE PRACTICE, I have developed a STRATEGIC AND TACTICAL APPROACH that is integral to achieving SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES.

I EMBRACE the fact that a substantial proportion of my clients are HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL in their own field and so they are PROACTIVE, DETERMINED, and DEMANDING.

I am a collaborative lawyer. We work as a team. My clients are the heart-beat of the case. I work tirelessly to ensure I fully understand the issues in the case before devising a strategy for trial, in conjunction with my professional and lay client. I ensure that I am completely transparent in my approach to developing and implementing a strategy for trial and that my lay client is ON BOARD with all the material decisions made in trial preparation.

From the outset I make it clear that the lay client is the most important person in the room. It is the client’s case. I am there to advise; devise strategy and then implement that strategy through to the presentation of the case at trial.

If there are contentious strategic or tactical issues that arise these are tackled head on and a reasoned, rationale approach is adopted to resolve those issues.

I have the dedication and aptitude and acumen to deliver upon our agreed strategy at trial.

We control the PROCESS, not the outcome but the HARDER and SMARTER we work towards our GOAL the greater our chances of achieving SUCCESSFUL OUTCOMES together.

My mantra is to ‘MAXIMISE OPPORTUNITY’ for the clients whom I represent.

So please, check out my testimonials. Have a look at my recent cases. The proof is in the pudding.

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I pride myself in making time available for YOU.

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My Education and Past Experience

I studied Law at the University of Bristol; After qualifying as a BARRISTER, I worked as a stagiaire in DGIV (Competition Law) in the European Commission in Brussels giving me excellent insight into both regulatory offences and fraud. Thereafter I studied European Law at the College of Europe (Bruges) and I am currently a member of the Bar European Group and the European Lawyers Bar Association. I have been a Barrister in private practice since 1985. I am a member of the largest set of Chambers in the UK, No. 5 Chambers.

My Strategic Approach

If you have been accused of criminal, regulatory or disciplinary offences, you need a team of skilled lawyers whom you can trust to work diligently and assiduously on your behalf. I believe I have a unique and strategic approach to casework, taking on fewer clients specifically so that I can offer a service which provides added value. My objective is to ensure that clients benefit from a coherent strategy from the outset. Frontloading my input on a case enables me to provide maximum value to my clients and thereby enhance the possibility of achieving successful outcomes. I believe in being hands-on.

My clients are at the centre of the process of trial preparation. I have been recognised for my expertise in defence work. I only defend.

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The Infrastructure

  • I am a member of one of the largest and most successful chambers in the country.
  • I have access to offices in central London, BirminghamBristol, Leeds and Manchester, and I am always willing to travel to meet with clients.
  • My experience and expertise is supported by an infrastructure comprising of efficient and reliable clerks and support staff.
  • We have a fully staffed in-house library and online resources.

My Instructing Solicitors

I have had the pleasure of working with very experienced, highly motivated, tenacious, skilled solicitors dedicated to achieving successful outcomes for their clients.

Having access to this infrastructure and network of experts in their field means that we have the skills and the technical tools to do the job.

In the sex defence cases in which I am instructed, I invariably work with Defence Lawyer Stuart Sutton from Sutton Defence Lawyers. Stuart has a national practice. He has many years of experience in these types of cases and he has a profound knowledge and understanding of the myriad of issues that arise. I can say without fear of contradiction that his work ethic, professionalism, dynamism, good humour and client care are second to none.

Mandip Kumar of Precedence Law regularly instructs me in police cases, (criminal and disciplinary) and much of the substantial fraud defence; money laundering defence and regulatory defence work I undertake. He is the senior partner in Precedence Law. He has a fearsome reputation. He is tenacious; innovative and highly motivated. He is a man of integrity who works tirelessly in the best interests of his clients. He is often instructed in the most difficult and demanding cases because he never shirks a challenge. Straight talking. He is a man on a mission.

Practice Areas

I can advise on a wide range of practice areas including:

Recent Cases

My cases are high profile and are widely reported in the press, online and on television.

Examples of recent cases:-

  • (2018 -2019) defending a police officer accused of conspiring with other police officers to pervert the course of justice. This case opened up complex provisions of European Law. It involved a 2 week voire dire on the admissibility of telephone intercepts. I co-defended with and against eminent QCs and I led the submissions on European Law.
  • B: (2017) (police inspector) allegedly stole and possessed with intent to supply 750k of drugs from police property store and perverted course of justice.
  • S: (2015) (police inspector), jointly charged with his wife and two others with offences of theft/fraud- (approximately £1 million Ponzi type scheme) and associated regulatory offences, (complainants ACPO ranked police officers).
  • AH: (2016) (Asian constable conspiring to pervert course of justice)- telephoned 999 and threatened that a police officer would be kidnapped and beheaded at the end of shift thereby causing an innocent person to be arrested and detained, at a time of heightened terrorist threat.
  • H: (2014) a police constable charged with GBH and cruelty on a child of his partner.
  • S: (2015) a Gambian diplomat accused of conspiring with others to evade excise duty of many millions of pounds by abusing their diplomatic quotas for tobacco and alcohol. Issues around waiver of diplomatic immunity.
  • R: (2015) a company director jointly charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. Cutthroat defence as he claimed to be acting under duress.
  • G: (2014) (leading junior). A practising Sikh ran 10 or 11 company 'fronts' and masterminded a conspiracy to launder £32 million in cash through local branches of a High street bank. Issues around systemic failures in the banking system and bad character of the defendant.
  • K: (2016) a retired university professor and author, accused of historic rapes over many years of both his younger sisters beginning when he was a teenager and his sisters were young children through to adulthood. Complex legal and disclosure issues and substantial submissions on admissibility. Acquitted on all counts.
  • D: (2016) foster carer accused of orally raping an 8-year-old child and sexually abusing her and two other children in his care. Vulnerable witnesses. Complex and difficult cross-examination. Issues of contamination and collusion.
  • GH: (2016) a foster carer accused of incitement to engage a young child in his care in sexual activity, issues concerning the vulnerability of the defendant and the young children in his care. Vetting of cross-examination questions by Judge.
  •  RE: (2016) private tutor and mentor accused of historic sexual abuse of children under his supervision. Elicited disclosure which torpedoed evidence of one complainant and undermined evidence of the others.
  • C: (2017) historic sex abuse of niece. Family divided by allegations. Acquitted. 
  • S: (2017) a director of a small business was accused of sexually abusing his stepdaughter on various occasions during her childhood, issues of false memory syndrome. Acquitted on all counts.
  • K: (2017) historic sexual abuse of stepdaughter and a school friend. Defendant is autistic. Obtained defence expert report dealing with reasonable adjustments which were required at trial to enable the accused to fully participate. Autism relevant to the substantive defence. Acquitted on all counts.
  • (2017/2018) medical student accused of serious sexual assaults of two fellow students on consecutive nights. Acquitted on all counts after a trial and re-trial. 
  • (2018) defending a police officer accused of historic sex offences. 3 complainants. Complex and difficult cross-examination undertaken and dogged pursuit of disclosure of Third-Party material which proved fruitful.
  • (2018) young man accused of grooming a young girl when she was under sixteen years and engaging in sexual activity with her whilst she was underage. Acquitted of all the offences of engaging in unlawful sexual activity with her when she was under 16 years of age.
  • (2019) defending a retired professional in relation to allegations of historic sex offences on young boys resident in a children’s home. The alleged offences dated as far back as 1971. Acquitted on all counts
  • (2019) successful opposition to AG reference in serious sexual offence / indecent images case.

Ongoing Training

I attended the Advocates Gateway two day conference run by Professor Penny Cooper on vulnerable witnesses in the summer of 2017.

I attended the International Criminal Court at The Hague to participate in a two day seminar in the autumn of 2017 that focused on vulnerable witnesses, at which HHJ Peter Rook QC and Professor Penny Cooper were guest speakers.

I also completed the training on cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses in the Midlands in February 2018.

For more information about my Pro Bono and Charity work please click here.

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