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Criminal Law News Round-Up

April has proven a busy month in terms of criminal law news.  In particular, significant reforms to prisons and courts have been abandoned, the Council of Europe has raised serious concerns over the English prison system, and the Court of Appeal has examined the lawfulness of legal aid cuts.

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Human rights and disclosure of historical convictions – are the two compatible?

A conviction for any offence, particularly a sexual offence, can have extremely serious consequences when it comes to applying for jobs. Both Scotland and England and Wales operate systems of disclosure where certain previous convictions have to be disclosed when applying to work with vulnerable groups.  In Scotland, the relevant scheme is known as the Protection of Vulnerable Groups Scheme and is operated by Disclosure Scotland.

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Not guilty verdict in £9million fraud case

This month saw the acquittal of three men at Norwich Crown Court who were charged with conspiracy to defraud.  A not guilty verdict was returned after a lengthy 9-week trial.

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Litigation against Post Office 'Fraud' cases

The High Court in London has granted a group litigation order which will allow sub-postmasters to challenge the Post Office. Since the early noughties, financial irregularities at Post Offices across the country have led to many sub-postmasters losing their jobs and being forced to repay financial shortfalls. Some were prosecuted for fraud, theft and false accounting. The group litigation order allows individuals who have been affected by the controversy to join the litigation until 26th July 2017.

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Pleading Guilty Online - A Threat to Justice?

It has been announced that a scheme which will allow people to plead guilty online will go ahead, despite criticism from access to justice campaigners. In the Ministry of Justice report ‘Transforming our Justice System’, published this month, the Government re-emphasised its message that the justice system must provide ‘better value’ and should be faster and easier to use.

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