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Expert Road Traffic Offences Barrister

I have assisted clients in the most challenging historic road traffic cases, securing favourable outcomes even where the case seems impossible. 

Strategic Approach

I give my clients the best chance to succeed by ensuring each and every avenue is tackled in the right way. I don't just build your case, but a robust strategy for your defence.

Proven Track Record

My job is to ensure my clients get the outcome they need. I do everything in my power to make that happen, and my past cases and experience are testament to that.

Offences Relating to Road Traffic Law

The legislation concerning road traffic offences can sometimes be difficult, and expert legal help is always the best option, to ensure the best outcome for your case and to ensure that your interests are fully protected throughout proceedings.

Mark Kelly, Expert Road Traffic Defence Barrister

I have substantial experience in respect of road traffic offences, defending in many cases alleging dangerous driving and driving without due care. I am part of one of the largest and most successful chambers in the country and have been recognised for my expertise in defence.

Experience and Past Cases

My professional experience, approachability and considerable expertise, means that you will be in a very safe pair of hands when it comes to your defence, and my track record is second to none.

I have offices in central London, Birmingham, Leicester and Bristol, but I am always willing to travel to meet with clients and plan the best course of action for their case. This includes meeting with clients out of hours, at weekends and on call.  My experience and expertise is supported by an infrastructure built over 30 years, comprising of efficient librarians, reliable clerks, specialist solicitors and other support staff. Having access to this network of experts and the technical tools to do the job, ensures I always have time for detailed preparation, and to give due attention to your case.

I offer my clients a strategic approach to fighting their cases - taking on fewer clients to offer a service with added value. The mainstay of my practice is drafting and disclosure, ensuring that clients are afforded the benefit of a coherent strategy from the outset. Frontloading casework allows me to devise a strategy for clients, ensuring maximum value and opportunity for success.  I believe in being hands-on from the very beginning of my cases and in making sure I have enough time to carry out all necessary conferences with my clients anywhere in the UK. I work very closely with my clients, putting them at the centre of decision making, assisted by a team of highly motivated, tenacious solicitors from all over the country, you can be confident in our approach to your case. 

Expert Road Traffic Offences Barrister UK

These offences are wide-ranging and can include speeding, driving under the influence, and insurance offences. Certain road traffic offences are also known under the law as ‘strict liability’ offences, which means that the standard of proof required to find you guilty of an offence is lower than that for other criminal offences. This makes it all the more important to consult and instruct an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional, which is where I am able to help you.

Given that I am a practising barrister, I can represent you in both the Crown Court and the Magistrates’ Court, meaning that I can assist you with charges at every level in relation to road traffic offences. If you decide to instruct me, I am able to help you with every element of your case, aiming for the best possible result in your circumstances, and as a result, allowing you to get on with your life.

Because of my significant experience within the area of law concerning road traffic offences, I am able to support, advise and represent you in all aspects of your case, meaning that you can be confident that you are in a safe pair of hands. 

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I consistently obtain favourable results for clients accused of a variety of road traffic offences, and so I am well placed to support, advise and represent you in respect of your case.

Serving Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, London, Bristol and the rest of the UK. If you wish to discuss Road Traffic Law or other related matters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me directly on 0800 054 1170 or fill out a contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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