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Criminal Defence Barrister for Professionals: Sexual Offences, Fraud and Regulatory Offences

Welcome to the website of Mark Kelly QC, Defence Barrister. For over thirty years, Mark has garnered his extensive knowledge, expertise and inimitable doggedness for every case in which he has been instructed to ensure the best possible outcomes for his clients. Mark’s clients benefit from representation by a trusted professional and highly experienced barrister who is known for his strategic thinking, transparency and unwavering attention to detail. Mark is also a Member of No5 Chambers, one of the largest sets of Chambers in the UK. Find out more about Defence Barrister Mark Kelly here.

Our Practice Areas

Fraud Defence

I am a specialist defence barrister and have considerable experience in serious fraud work. This includes bank fraud, internet fraud, education fraud, and multi-million-pound carousel fraud/MTIC fraud.


Sexual Offences Defence

I have an excellent record of successfully defending professionals accused of serious sexual offences, including sexual abuse and rape cases.


Money Laundering Defence

Money laundering is an area of law in which I have considerable experience, and is closely linked in many cases to confiscation and confiscation proceedings.


Professional Tribunals

I have appeared in front of a number of different professional tribunals, including the General Medical Council (GMC), police tribunals and other health professional tribunals.


Drugs Offences Defence

I am able to assist with all aspects of drugs related cases, from providing detailed legal advice and guidance, to offering representation, including at Crown Court.


Regulatory Defence

I can assist with a wide range of regulatory offence matters, and help to ensure the very best possible outcomes for clients.


About Mark

I am a defence barrister having been called to the bar in 1985, giving me more than 30 years of experience in expert criminal and regulatory defence. I have extensive experience in both domestic and international work. I worked as a stagiaire in DGIV (Competition) in the European Commission in Brussels giving me excellent insight into both regulatory offences and fraud. Furthermore, I studied European Law at the College of Europe (Bruges) and I am currently a member of the Bar European Group and the European Lawyers Bar Association.

I often defend professionals for whom conviction would cause reputational damage, (including, police officers; journalists; professors; diplomats; teachers; doctors; foster carers).